Bud Light Family

MADE BY:Anheuser Busch


Bud Light, the top-selling beer in the U.S., is a light-bodied brew with a fresh, clean and subtle hop aroma, delicate malt sweetness and crisp finish for ultimate refreshment. Click here to download the brand fact sheet.

Bud Light Platinum retains the key characteristics of Bud Light – it’s refreshing and drinkable – with a slightly sweeter taste and 6% ALC/VOL* (Bud Light is 4.2%), delivering a unique light beer experience.  Click here to download the brand fact sheet.  *4% ALC/VOL available in OK and UT

Bud Light Lime, introduced in 2008, is a premium light lager that combines the superior drinkability of Bud Light with 100 percent natural lime flavor. Click here to download the brand fact sheet.

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