Sparkling Ice Spiked Seltzer

MADE BY:Sparkling Ice


Since the dawn of time, people have been spiking their Sparkling Ice. Well, more like since 1987 – but the point is, we saw what you were doing, and we decided to make it easier for you. Enter Sparkling Ice Spiked, the full flavor, zero sugar, ready-to-drink hard seltzer with a mere 80 calories per can.
At Spiked, our mission is to show up for the moments in life that shatter your expectations, and to help turn ordinary events into extraordinary experiences. We believe that Spiked is the perfect adult beverage to have on hand for all of life’s moments that should be celebrated, from big to small and everything in between.

Unlike a lot of the big dogs in the industry, we’re a family-owned PNW based company focused on crafting flavors that we know you’ll love. Our Research & Development team is constantly innovating and using real consumer input on their hunt for the next great flavor. We’re thoughtful with everything we make, so we can shatter your expectations of what a hard seltzer can be.

And when we say we’re a small company we mean, like, really small.

So go check out Spiked for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

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